Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Price of Life

If you believe in God, one thing is certain,'You're not too high and you are not too low. Is one thing we do, is another thing we know. For a minute you became lost in your ways before you realize you're lost, is a highness that is vivid enough to cure a blindness. Look out the window tonight because the city leads up with lights, cameras and actions. We are friends now but the bigger we get, the more likely our egos collide, I hope we just put our egos aside, is just Physics. No man alive can determine the worth of another self, don't let them take your soul. A danger that a stranger knows you more than you know yourself. Searching through a memory of war and peace, found long stream of blood flowing to a river of stories. Even when we are talking about the future, we still be reminiscing. We use to play before they made the coffin, then we realize death is real and the best legacy you can leave lies on your grave.

Premature Pride

We are all Kings, Kings of ourselves but why do people debate on who is higher. We all believe in one God above all gods who is the most high. You will be acting so insecure if you will be doubting a crown of yourselves. History repeats itself no more, 'Look around you, Kings die old. Ultimately, if he is scared to die, he is a coward,'who am I kidding? Nobody wants to die. The same rope you climb up with, they hang you with,'don't be stupid. To snatch the crown from whoever they think have it but rather to place it on a head as soon as it's snatched to determine who's the next King, you toss it to the ground where it came from. Now there's no more King, we just have one God. Be weary of any man who clanks because deep down he clanks onto the need for power, ultimately he's scared to die.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

...And My Friend Died

So she asked "Don't you wanna dance, don't just stand around, don't you like the song?". I like the song but I don't want to dance, something got me down. It doesn't take an x-ray to see right though my pain, there is no drink out there that can numb my soul. All we wanted to do is to take the chains off and be Free, there no gun out there that can kill your soul. He told me I can't stand around, I have to do something, all he was asking for was another chance so he can get to live. My friend kept running, he told me to keep running but I stood right there and so the officer shot again, all I can think is that my friend felt that shot. So I opened my eyes...and my friend died.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Good Men die in Prison

Kid do know the value of money but the images on it still makes less sense. The sense is to loge the interest of what is needed and how it will be offered. He use to be nice enough to make them understand why he's here but what does it matter when he is lost. They know him so well and he couldn't do it but he knew more than he understood to determine the action he takes. People don't decide who they are but capability requires a limitation based on self decision. The survival strategy was to blend in to the personality of a mentality that there is nothing to lose. The system was meant for the Bad but you are only bad because you were caught and also the Wise was once Good. He already knew much, he just have to do more, surviving is all you will do. See how he is becoming a stranger in his own family just for staying away for long, good can be better not worse. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Real Education

Discoveries have been made based on imaginations and assumptions, some which are true, some which we don't know. They had the urge to fill in the spaces overtime so the world don't ask about misconception but knowing how they knew it made them ask questions of certainty. To some people, is No information over Wrong information and that made them question it all,"It wasn't filmed so therefore wasn't seen". Just like a baby born dead, you can only assume what he could have become. It is a mass solution to keep acquiring informations that make sense with no doubt. Real education is a paint of study with the same colour,"What am I suppose to do when the topic is red or blue" no better picture to paint than illusion, just like the choir should sing a song that would acquire audience to have faith. They finally made decision,"Assumption is a victim of illusion that made a decision"

Nobody is Safe

You can't handle the pain of not knowing when is going to end. Ten years strong on hard times knowing is going to end one day but still counting. Some days wouldn't feel so special if it wasn't for pain, Joy wouldn't feel so good neither. Your friends know that you're more than nice but these strangers don't get to be nice to you, maybe for the fact that they don't know you or don't intend knowing you. Many have settled for less and many mixed business with pleasure but you don't get to say who's wrong because the right thing is easier to say. Mother trying to save son but she don't know son wants to save her, is easier to see she's saving than he saved. You're not Nobody till Somebody kills you, till then the truth can set you free. You want to walk around with them or you want to walk with God? Make up your mind.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Advice;"You can't tell me Nothing"

 Be certain about what you believe and consistent in what you say. Don't try to please everyone or agree with everything people say. Always be ready to listen but take your time in answering. Answer only if you know what to say and if you don't know what to say, keep quiet. Speaking can bring you either honor or disgrace; what you say can ruin you. Don't get a reputation for being a gossip and don't tell tales that will hurt people. Just as thieves will suffer disgrace, so will liars suffer severe condemnation. Do nothing destructive whether it seems insignificant or not.

Listen to Let

You keep staring like you're listening, you haven't even known the pain yet you have jumped to the "Shit happens" already. The shoes doesn't match so the friends don't count. What am looking for is not to be found but discovered so am expecting something new yet to coexist. My mind is rich but am poor outside where the mind don't count. Am checking if I can bring up an idea which gives the effort a meaning. Maybe am putting more effort in the meaning than the description cause if only I describe what I meant, the idea can be a discovery of outside mind where am rich and poor inside. Do you really have to lose to gain cause I haven't gained what I want yet and I have lost it all.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Missing Girls

To the outside world, is just a couple of girls abducted and a voice is heard for their rescue. These girls are people's friends and family and you don't get to feel the pain as a news or maybe you've never lost a loved one before. Everyday without them is like seven days in hell and the fire only get hotter daily. These girls don't know fire can burn, maybe not yet but all they know is home with school. They are not just the future of the nation, they are the reason some people are living. Is children's day and they are tutored like a chicken they would be eating and the water they would wash there hands with are drank. They actually believe a superhero can save them and the parents do everything but pray to God everyday and pray again to be heard.‪#‎BringBackOurGirls

I Want to Live Right

The Preacher said there is no too much sin so am willing to listen. I learnt to understand that too much of something is not bad but not normal, and being normal is how a Layman understands you. It seemed like everyone understands me to my decision to exceed normal, but why would I want to be misunderstood?. I might just want to separate the idea from the thought all in the mind. Is only fair everyone exceeds normal now and the new normal is the old abnormal. Is a dirty evil the books got deeper and is only right we don't dig further cause the pleasure don't define the reason. We might not relate but that's only cause we didn't live through the same Loses. We don't judge and we don't like to be judged, just so you know we intend to make heaven "Lord Knows we want to Live Right"

The Last Urge for More

You live in a place where everything is for sale, would you like to learn how to sell or buy?, You definitely don't need to learn how to buy. You only sell what you can't buy. You don't get to know what is not there while everything is there so when something get missing, you realize everything that is remaining. That explains the satisfaction of mankind based on unavailability. Eventually everyone wants satisfaction based on availability meaning everyone wants everything. They said "You can't have it all", the first thing they told you don't tally with the last thing you heard. A times the misconception just begin to make sense to realize the lost mistakes. "I found them and sold them as destiny for money"

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Timeless Lies

The Universal energy doesn't lie and the chemistry of infinity stays a million times. You might just break a record of listening for 24 hours but just staring. I can only remind you your first dream and you can lie you forgot. There's no better time to stay ready because is obvious you are not staying. I have waited enough to conceive no reconciliation as time slowly kills patience. Is a pity things gradually change but if we never grow up, we never understand the changes. Do you understand I no longer have what you wanted?. Am reckless enough to speculate a gun to my head so you watch carefully to tell the gist to your friends. After which you find no more time to grow up only because you're timeless. Learning to have patience only because you're timeless.

Dreams Money Can Buy

"Don't educate your children to be rich" You should follow your dreams to the point you realize it's being sold to you. They set you to sleep to make your dreams come through then they wake you up. They told you is priceless but it happens some have more value than others. Ambition is priceless but put a price tag to it and it becomes a competition. They guessed where there's no competition, there's no value. If only I had the money, I could have bought the dream and safe the effort. Unfortunately, your dream happens to be luxuries and you shouldn't be sleeping. You believed in dreams and money is a distraction, and is faith that your best days are silent. Maybe the visions are obvious and the ideas are known, or vice versa. Good Kid: Don't ignore my purpose.

Love and War

They say Love is what all Religions have in common even the un believers. Love became deceptive so people stopped believing. Whenever one want to face fact, there's always a misconception. It happens to be a peace of mind that is changed for the better. The reason the stories are told don't tell why is misunderstood. It became more obvious, is either you are blind or you don't care to see. Is a good thing what makes you smile can make you cry but you are always laughing, so the Love is hard to define. My desire for fine things made me a liar, is still doesn't guarantee I get it. The worries changed and Peace started fading. The Love turned into to Hate, Hate turned into Fear and War became a primacy.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome to Heartbreak

Is basically how you get hurt by the ones your are living for. Try not to over think, is just how you remember a way to remember, your phone doesn't ring when you got everything. The motion was to move on but is unbelievable am still moving about. When was the last time you did something for the last time?. Just the moment you noticed I couldn't live without you, I develop an adaptation to survive. You can't help it, you just can't hold on for so long...at least the last one lasted, maybe you are just keeping up with the game. Is amazing how you can lie with no remorse and look how convincing it's how you think is a talent. The heart died, he probably can't feel.
Everyday I wake up to the thought of you, that I need you but you don't need me. The head is spinning knowing am not the one you want but it would all be much easier if you know what you want and conceal the fairy tales. I lost my soul to a man who is heartless, he brought out a side of me that I don't even know. She will tell her friends that she is leaving him, they will probably say they don't see anything she saw in him, Goodbye was all she wrote. Somewhere between I want it and I got it, I love me enough for the both of us. Don't assume that I don't respect assumptions. She just want to make memories she'll barely remember. She just learnt how to love people and use them.

The Art of being Young and Dumb

Lost in the instrumental, when dancing to the rhythm and lyrics became sentimental. The dope game have impression rules...they are trying to be the coolest. Dudes are hounding, every new girl you bring through, you get a bonus. We are just some couple of friends with common interest, trying to conquer the city with disobedience, bragging about the last episode we just had. These girls have gone blind, they are just happy being free. I saw her(Daddy's little girl) riding around with some friends, car dense with smoke. I don't even smoke...what chance do I have hanging with her. I gotta take a picture for her daddy but I can't snitch, am trying to be cool. Is a code thing, you shouldn't even tell what you know and it only becomes more sophisticated. Is a mistake but I'd make it again and again...episodes felt so good. What happens now we don't learn from mistakes, they say "If that is wrong, I never want to be right". Is a new day, we just pray maturity wakes up.

I wrote an Induction Speech but I never made it

Am having a good night, drinking everything that is bad for me but what does it matter when am bad for me. Is crazy how they are still waiting for me, except that my name wasn't on the list. All along they believed in me, I gotta call my mother and tell 'em. Now am running with mad stories and I don't even intend telling it. Is far too kind some where running along with me but all I wanted was to make the Speech, I guess I told the Reverend at the bar. For as long as am here, we are all alright wasted. Am glad you could make it but you be more than good if you don't tell me about it. Just when he was about to say "You can't give up" I gave him up as a move to do what they say I can't do. Is crazy how I developed a new like for failure since I don't get what I like. There's a million ways to survive and 999 are irrational.

Rags to Riches

"Money isn't Everything" only makes sense when said by the riches. Dreamers feel the need to exaggerate but back to reality, We're all poor. You must feel so rich right now but you've never made a dime, maybe is Daddy-money and Mama never had the money. So I went broke cause am bad with money, the only thing better than the money is More Money but Money can't save your soul. They say time is money but Bill Gate doesn't have a Life time, he said if you die poor, is your fault. Right after I started laughing to that, they started asking what happened. From Grass to Grace story is included to my thought of fair, am happy you made it but is more or less a Cliché, keep the stories for the Kids. Poverty is something to be ashamed of "but is far from over, all we can't do is imagine, we got to make it all happen".

Too Old to die Young

Not so long ago, Hollywood stopped making movies with Happy endings not necessarily cause Life isn't a Movie but cause that sheet became boring. They are trying to impress the audience at which they live to impress. He gave a huge money to the beggar, so the beggar got high as hell, now he's part of the problem. As far as we know, did he do it for himself?. She cut herself time to time just to check if she still bleeds so she don't lose her mind, it was never filmed therefore never seen...how did they know the story?. The only thing left to do is walk on water, 'You've been obviously brain-washed if you really think you could die with all those diamonds cause I personally dig you out then share it with some Reverends."My mind is older than me, is too late to die young, 'Where Life stops Nobody knows'".

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Human Sacrifice

Just like a man who sacrificed his tongue for money so he don't get to speak again but money talks. He gave his last dime to his kid, so he got high with it. Is like "I went through hell, so am expecting Heaven" not necessarily meaning you're getting Heaven. Whoever said get it or die trying was actually rising the thirst to remind you is worth dying for. They try to convince you to survive based on personal vanity...no material can measure what your soul is worth. You made money so who's counting?, Studying rich people live while you judge', Action was their spokesman' Doers run this world, Thinkers should see the movie.

The Dream of Death

I woke up this morning and figured I call you, In case am not here tomorrow, am hoping I can borrow a peace of mind and what's important to my mind is really disturbing that I found trouble in ma life. Last night was another distraction of reaction or what we consider Madness, the same mentality I told my brother not to dug but unfortunately you believe in dreams. As a problem child, sometimes I look in the mirror I ask myself am I really scared of passing away. Am not sure why am infatuated with death, maybe cause am a dreamer and sleep is a cousin of death.

The Wrath of Jealousy

We use to be jealous of him, he made our dreams become his reality. Determination, ambition dedication and wisdom are qualities he was given that we didn't have, he was the one you see with brighter tomorrow but mama never raised you up to be jealous so you don't be another man stock regretting mistakes. Mixed feelings was our opinion, we were defending our insecurities, regardless of where we stand, we hold our heads up and continue matching. Unfortunately, he believed in dreams so we act like we had his back. Actuality is a trip of promise that can discover a passion or recover a life you knew with no prosper.

The Art of Peer Pressure

A voice for the voiceless, the words are like multiple choice for the choice-less, Just promise me u make the right decision. Hood friends with bad intentions that's just the perfect combination'. They trying to conquer the city with disobedience, bragging about the last episode they just had. Look @ me now, I have a blunt in my mouth, usually am drug-free but u know', am with the hommies', I hope the universe love me 4 that. A Life of another Self damaged by the system, consequences from evil will make you pass the blunt. My mama caught me kicking it, I should have told her am about to catch my first offense and who decides what we do?

Cold World

Rest in peace to those who past away living their loved ones with cold blood. He sold crack to his mother cause he thinks everything is a hustle' "the street left no love in a brother",they created the hunger, they made the monsters who do anything to survive.They say the good die young, I didn't make it to the funeral but I just hope the bad die cold. You started from the bottom built it to the top, now you watch it fall down' "How will you survive now?". In God we trust but is book that we worship now, It's kind of hard to adapt..."Do real people go to heaven?", that's what I asked the Reverend