Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome to Heartbreak

Is basically how you get hurt by the ones your are living for. Try not to over think, is just how you remember a way to remember, your phone doesn't ring when you got everything. The motion was to move on but is unbelievable am still moving about. When was the last time you did something for the last time?. Just the moment you noticed I couldn't live without you, I develop an adaptation to survive. You can't help it, you just can't hold on for so least the last one lasted, maybe you are just keeping up with the game. Is amazing how you can lie with no remorse and look how convincing it's how you think is a talent. The heart died, he probably can't feel.
Everyday I wake up to the thought of you, that I need you but you don't need me. The head is spinning knowing am not the one you want but it would all be much easier if you know what you want and conceal the fairy tales. I lost my soul to a man who is heartless, he brought out a side of me that I don't even know. She will tell her friends that she is leaving him, they will probably say they don't see anything she saw in him, Goodbye was all she wrote. Somewhere between I want it and I got it, I love me enough for the both of us. Don't assume that I don't respect assumptions. She just want to make memories she'll barely remember. She just learnt how to love people and use them.

The Art of being Young and Dumb

Lost in the instrumental, when dancing to the rhythm and lyrics became sentimental. The dope game have impression rules...they are trying to be the coolest. Dudes are hounding, every new girl you bring through, you get a bonus. We are just some couple of friends with common interest, trying to conquer the city with disobedience, bragging about the last episode we just had. These girls have gone blind, they are just happy being free. I saw her(Daddy's little girl) riding around with some friends, car dense with smoke. I don't even smoke...what chance do I have hanging with her. I gotta take a picture for her daddy but I can't snitch, am trying to be cool. Is a code thing, you shouldn't even tell what you know and it only becomes more sophisticated. Is a mistake but I'd make it again and again...episodes felt so good. What happens now we don't learn from mistakes, they say "If that is wrong, I never want to be right". Is a new day, we just pray maturity wakes up.

I wrote an Induction Speech but I never made it

Am having a good night, drinking everything that is bad for me but what does it matter when am bad for me. Is crazy how they are still waiting for me, except that my name wasn't on the list. All along they believed in me, I gotta call my mother and tell 'em. Now am running with mad stories and I don't even intend telling it. Is far too kind some where running along with me but all I wanted was to make the Speech, I guess I told the Reverend at the bar. For as long as am here, we are all alright wasted. Am glad you could make it but you be more than good if you don't tell me about it. Just when he was about to say "You can't give up" I gave him up as a move to do what they say I can't do. Is crazy how I developed a new like for failure since I don't get what I like. There's a million ways to survive and 999 are irrational.

Rags to Riches

"Money isn't Everything" only makes sense when said by the riches. Dreamers feel the need to exaggerate but back to reality, We're all poor. You must feel so rich right now but you've never made a dime, maybe is Daddy-money and Mama never had the money. So I went broke cause am bad with money, the only thing better than the money is More Money but Money can't save your soul. They say time is money but Bill Gate doesn't have a Life time, he said if you die poor, is your fault. Right after I started laughing to that, they started asking what happened. From Grass to Grace story is included to my thought of fair, am happy you made it but is more or less a Cliché, keep the stories for the Kids. Poverty is something to be ashamed of "but is far from over, all we can't do is imagine, we got to make it all happen".

Too Old to die Young

Not so long ago, Hollywood stopped making movies with Happy endings not necessarily cause Life isn't a Movie but cause that sheet became boring. They are trying to impress the audience at which they live to impress. He gave a huge money to the beggar, so the beggar got high as hell, now he's part of the problem. As far as we know, did he do it for himself?. She cut herself time to time just to check if she still bleeds so she don't lose her mind, it was never filmed therefore never did they know the story?. The only thing left to do is walk on water, 'You've been obviously brain-washed if you really think you could die with all those diamonds cause I personally dig you out then share it with some Reverends."My mind is older than me, is too late to die young, 'Where Life stops Nobody knows'".