Monday, April 7, 2014

I wrote an Induction Speech but I never made it

Am having a good night, drinking everything that is bad for me but what does it matter when am bad for me. Is crazy how they are still waiting for me, except that my name wasn't on the list. All along they believed in me, I gotta call my mother and tell 'em. Now am running with mad stories and I don't even intend telling it. Is far too kind some where running along with me but all I wanted was to make the Speech, I guess I told the Reverend at the bar. For as long as am here, we are all alright wasted. Am glad you could make it but you be more than good if you don't tell me about it. Just when he was about to say "You can't give up" I gave him up as a move to do what they say I can't do. Is crazy how I developed a new like for failure since I don't get what I like. There's a million ways to survive and 999 are irrational.

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