Sunday, August 17, 2014

...And My Friend Died

So she asked "Don't you wanna dance, don't just stand around, don't you like the song?". I like the song but I don't want to dance, something got me down. It doesn't take an x-ray to see right though my pain, there is no drink out there that can numb my soul. All we wanted to do is to take the chains off and be Free, there no gun out there that can kill your soul. He told me I can't stand around, I have to do something, all he was asking for was another chance so he can get to live. My friend kept running, he told me to keep running but I stood right there and so the officer shot again, all I can think is that my friend felt that shot. So I opened my eyes...and my friend died.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Good Men die in Prison

Kid do know the value of money but the images on it still makes less sense. The sense is to loge the interest of what is needed and how it will be offered. He use to be nice enough to make them understand why he's here but what does it matter when he is lost. They know him so well and he couldn't do it but he knew more than he understood to determine the action he takes. People don't decide who they are but capability requires a limitation based on self decision. The survival strategy was to blend in to the personality of a mentality that there is nothing to lose. The system was meant for the Bad but you are only bad because you were caught and also the Wise was once Good. He already knew much, he just have to do more, surviving is all you will do. See how he is becoming a stranger in his own family just for staying away for long, good can be better not worse.