Monday, April 7, 2014

Too Old to die Young

Not so long ago, Hollywood stopped making movies with Happy endings not necessarily cause Life isn't a Movie but cause that sheet became boring. They are trying to impress the audience at which they live to impress. He gave a huge money to the beggar, so the beggar got high as hell, now he's part of the problem. As far as we know, did he do it for himself?. She cut herself time to time just to check if she still bleeds so she don't lose her mind, it was never filmed therefore never did they know the story?. The only thing left to do is walk on water, 'You've been obviously brain-washed if you really think you could die with all those diamonds cause I personally dig you out then share it with some Reverends."My mind is older than me, is too late to die young, 'Where Life stops Nobody knows'".

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