Thursday, May 23, 2013

I want a Girl

Most definitely, good girls go bad, and if they do, they never go back. Having that in mind, I want a girl who wants to go to church but won't allow me go to strip club alone. I want a girl who brings an idea to rob a bank while we are broke. I want a girl who tells me "Relax Shit happens". I like a girl who gets gas money while we are going out. A girl whose lifestyle relates to no cliche is impossible as nothing is impossible. Doing good things is a cliche to good people, to how you explain why good people do bad things, a reason bad people say good things, can't figure out which is right..."You don't need to go to church to know your God"

What would you say?

Listen to learn...only If you listened closely, all they are trying to preach is "Real over Fake"The average man can prove of the things he chooses to speak of. Is if we grew wiser or developed to how we handle the things that matters to us to decide right. What the old folks told us happened but Life goes on,new things happen.
You can't predict the future but you can try. At a time, it seems Nobody can hear you, so if everyone is willing to listen,what will you say?

Nature of Value

Woke up excited not because you are Alive,No! You got what you Wanted or you are getting what you Wanted. Yeah it matter what you do, you still get bored"Nothing last forever",is Natural. Most times,people don't know what they want, people don't get what they want. Certainty is Maturity. Losing things isn't a wise choice, they say Nothing is totally useless "Even a broken clock is correct twice a day"


Nobody is 100% honest tho people try to tell the truth for the benefit of the comfort but How do you tell it to people who trust Nobody;People found the same comfort in Lies.The Detective said"Lies tell us d truth because people tell it 4 a reason. You figure out the reason, you figure out the truth...funny how people lie for no reason.Truth sets you free, How do you tell it people who believe Nothing;so is Lies...Just Live Right"

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Imagination and Intelligence

Language is symbolic. The brain translates words and sentences into mental images and ideas; for example, the object you imagine when you read "apple" looks nothing like the word itself. Your degree of imagination determines your level of understanding of what you read,see or hear.

Nature of Music:Music Heals

Listening to music while you are happy, listening to the Lyrics while you are sad,then Music heals all wounds,sometimes heals before time. They ask how do you make the struggle look so beautiful, how you make the pains look so cool making my kids don't wanna live a normal life. No one prays for Hard times but Pains, you can't escape#Shit happens.Get Prepared!
Good music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and Life to Everything.

Truth hurts Time heals

Spent all your Life holding your thoughts in thinking is worth the unleash.Nobody knows your thought,Nobody sees your vision,Nobody feels your pain.Actually most times Nobody really cares maybe that's because they ain't Jesus Christ. The earlier you realize this the better you can speak out to reach to whom is concerned. Look around you "Life isn't a Movie". People only relates according to how it favors or may favor them. Truth hurts Time heal, look at the positive side is secondary immunity.So regardless of how you decide to accept the truth, Life goes on...

Expectation brings Anger

They say is good to be optimistic but somehow Optimism has a close relation to Expectation. Either way,both brings anger by a close character "disappointment. About 80% of depressed people in the world were optimistic and history repeats itself.A pessimistic friend will say "Expect nothing,hope for the best and take what comes..."Respect the unexpected and the expected becomes disrespected".