Monday, April 7, 2014

The Art of being Young and Dumb

Lost in the instrumental, when dancing to the rhythm and lyrics became sentimental. The dope game have impression rules...they are trying to be the coolest. Dudes are hounding, every new girl you bring through, you get a bonus. We are just some couple of friends with common interest, trying to conquer the city with disobedience, bragging about the last episode we just had. These girls have gone blind, they are just happy being free. I saw her(Daddy's little girl) riding around with some friends, car dense with smoke. I don't even smoke...what chance do I have hanging with her. I gotta take a picture for her daddy but I can't snitch, am trying to be cool. Is a code thing, you shouldn't even tell what you know and it only becomes more sophisticated. Is a mistake but I'd make it again and again...episodes felt so good. What happens now we don't learn from mistakes, they say "If that is wrong, I never want to be right". Is a new day, we just pray maturity wakes up.

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