Monday, April 7, 2014

Rags to Riches

"Money isn't Everything" only makes sense when said by the riches. Dreamers feel the need to exaggerate but back to reality, We're all poor. You must feel so rich right now but you've never made a dime, maybe is Daddy-money and Mama never had the money. So I went broke cause am bad with money, the only thing better than the money is More Money but Money can't save your soul. They say time is money but Bill Gate doesn't have a Life time, he said if you die poor, is your fault. Right after I started laughing to that, they started asking what happened. From Grass to Grace story is included to my thought of fair, am happy you made it but is more or less a Cliché, keep the stories for the Kids. Poverty is something to be ashamed of "but is far from over, all we can't do is imagine, we got to make it all happen".

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