Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Human Sacrifice

Just like a man who sacrificed his tongue for money so he don't get to speak again but money talks. He gave his last dime to his kid, so he got high with it. Is like "I went through hell, so am expecting Heaven" not necessarily meaning you're getting Heaven. Whoever said get it or die trying was actually rising the thirst to remind you is worth dying for. They try to convince you to survive based on personal material can measure what your soul is worth. You made money so who's counting?, Studying rich people live while you judge', Action was their spokesman' Doers run this world, Thinkers should see the movie.

The Dream of Death

I woke up this morning and figured I call you, In case am not here tomorrow, am hoping I can borrow a peace of mind and what's important to my mind is really disturbing that I found trouble in ma life. Last night was another distraction of reaction or what we consider Madness, the same mentality I told my brother not to dug but unfortunately you believe in dreams. As a problem child, sometimes I look in the mirror I ask myself am I really scared of passing away. Am not sure why am infatuated with death, maybe cause am a dreamer and sleep is a cousin of death.

The Wrath of Jealousy

We use to be jealous of him, he made our dreams become his reality. Determination, ambition dedication and wisdom are qualities he was given that we didn't have, he was the one you see with brighter tomorrow but mama never raised you up to be jealous so you don't be another man stock regretting mistakes. Mixed feelings was our opinion, we were defending our insecurities, regardless of where we stand, we hold our heads up and continue matching. Unfortunately, he believed in dreams so we act like we had his back. Actuality is a trip of promise that can discover a passion or recover a life you knew with no prosper.

The Art of Peer Pressure

A voice for the voiceless, the words are like multiple choice for the choice-less, Just promise me u make the right decision. Hood friends with bad intentions that's just the perfect combination'. They trying to conquer the city with disobedience, bragging about the last episode they just had. Look @ me now, I have a blunt in my mouth, usually am drug-free but u know', am with the hommies', I hope the universe love me 4 that. A Life of another Self damaged by the system, consequences from evil will make you pass the blunt. My mama caught me kicking it, I should have told her am about to catch my first offense and who decides what we do?

Cold World

Rest in peace to those who past away living their loved ones with cold blood. He sold crack to his mother cause he thinks everything is a hustle' "the street left no love in a brother",they created the hunger, they made the monsters who do anything to survive.They say the good die young, I didn't make it to the funeral but I just hope the bad die cold. You started from the bottom built it to the top, now you watch it fall down' "How will you survive now?". In God we trust but is book that we worship now, It's kind of hard to adapt..."Do real people go to heaven?", that's what I asked the Reverend