Monday, March 23, 2015

Strange Call

He is staring at me, I knew that staring was contagious. He said my son, temptation is one thing I have defeated. He made me listen to my worst and he said my worst ain't flattering. He is staring at me with disbelief, saying see how your emotions made you look at the universe differently. He looked at me and said your potential is insensitive, I'd know your selfishness is what got you here. He staring at me like am the reason why he is homeless, like am suppose to save him. The reason why he was mad at a stranger, I never understood. 

We Live in a Lie Factory

 "I can spot you from a mile away and I can see the insecurities all over your face" Mama said. Steady stressing on the curiosity of what I need to become mine. Asking where is the money and girls to impress me, asking why the stories only upsets me. What do you have to offer, tell me before we off you. Seems like the current version of me don't persuade me. Small world, small talks entertain, passing on some advice we feel so much that we laugh at the truth. What if I heard you and I just need a second, a second sex only attracts those that entertain and you don't have to try so hard. Theater system is not offering a free resource for you to know about the idea of moving pictures.

When Things hit the Friends

Make sure you ask your friends, Do you believe in me? Are you deceiving me? Could I let you down easily? Even tho you share the same blood, is it worth the off like who have your best interest. Make room for mistakes and depressions, I have abandonment issue so I hold grudges like bad judges don't let me resent you. Do you show forgiveness or do consider a blessing that comes afterwards. Like how much do you cherish me, like will I ever be your "ex", like I have to question it all cause a profit is not a profit till all is answered. So we try to find clarity, so you consume every message and this can be a lesson for everyone. 

Complexity is Unmatched

Close the front door and assume you can open the back door of your insecurities. The world doesn't accept you and culture don't respect you so you assume you are complex. You don't have to lie to impress you, you don't have to try so hard. What do you have to offer, because we know what you are going to say but saying is not offering. You are saying you have the idea, voice, imagination and potential to impress me, but is all in your head. Lets put it in a proper contest because reputation can't protect you if you never had one and the world
will neglect you. "You can never relate me to others", the truth is that others have relationships and you are alone.

Breaking New Law's

Making new list of everything you thought was a progress, but if you did pick destiny over rest in peace, you better check the new laws. I do know bad religion, and the way am rewarded is only God's decision. I met a little boy that resemble my foetus, he said to me you do know my language you just forgot because what the old laws have painted. I know everything, I know it so well not to ever forget until I realized I know nothing the day I met this kid. My inner sense unleashed the experience lacked, just give to the kids don't gossip how it's been distributed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Sign of Destination

For the first time in four years, he checked his watch to realize is the fourth coming numb that leads up to a lot on time to make a known check of what a man can say to be a great affiliation with the crowns. Look at where he is now, he couldn't even remember the last time he made a rush. He can declare an aftermath of what is suppose to happen to know that is not a sign but an accomplishment of the mind of another era in trance. You try to define him, to some extent he understands, but if the thinking goes beyond, is a total disaster of misunderstanding. Is something in research that made a mind wonder why it's on a road that show no sign of destination.