Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Price of Life

If you believe in God, one thing is certain,'You're not too high and you are not too low. Is one thing we do, is another thing we know. For a minute you became lost in your ways before you realize you're lost, is a highness that is vivid enough to cure a blindness. Look out the window tonight because the city leads up with lights, cameras and actions. We are friends now but the bigger we get, the more likely our egos collide, I hope we just put our egos aside, is just Physics. No man alive can determine the worth of another self, don't let them take your soul. A danger that a stranger knows you more than you know yourself. Searching through a memory of war and peace, found long stream of blood flowing to a river of stories. Even when we are talking about the future, we still be reminiscing. We use to play before they made the coffin, then we realize death is real and the best legacy you can leave lies on your grave.

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