Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Premature Pride

We are all Kings, Kings of ourselves but why do people debate on who is higher. We all believe in one God above all gods who is the most high. You will be acting so insecure if you will be doubting a crown of yourselves. History repeats itself no more, 'Look around you, Kings die old. Ultimately, if he is scared to die, he is a coward,'who am I kidding? Nobody wants to die. The same rope you climb up with, they hang you with,'don't be stupid. To snatch the crown from whoever they think have it but rather to place it on a head as soon as it's snatched to determine who's the next King, you toss it to the ground where it came from. Now there's no more King, we just have one God. Be weary of any man who clanks because deep down he clanks onto the need for power, ultimately he's scared to die.

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