Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Want to Live Right

The Preacher said there is no too much sin so am willing to listen. I learnt to understand that too much of something is not bad but not normal, and being normal is how a Layman understands you. It seemed like everyone understands me to my decision to exceed normal, but why would I want to be misunderstood?. I might just want to separate the idea from the thought all in the mind. Is only fair everyone exceeds normal now and the new normal is the old abnormal. Is a dirty evil the books got deeper and is only right we don't dig further cause the pleasure don't define the reason. We might not relate but that's only cause we didn't live through the same Loses. We don't judge and we don't like to be judged, just so you know we intend to make heaven "Lord Knows we want to Live Right"

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