Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nobody is Safe

You can't handle the pain of not knowing when is going to end. Ten years strong on hard times knowing is going to end one day but still counting. Some days wouldn't feel so special if it wasn't for pain, Joy wouldn't feel so good neither. Your friends know that you're more than nice but these strangers don't get to be nice to you, maybe for the fact that they don't know you or don't intend knowing you. Many have settled for less and many mixed business with pleasure but you don't get to say who's wrong because the right thing is easier to say. Mother trying to save son but she don't know son wants to save her, is easier to see she's saving than he saved. You're not Nobody till Somebody kills you, till then the truth can set you free. You want to walk around with them or you want to walk with God? Make up your mind.

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