Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Real Education

Discoveries have been made based on imaginations and assumptions, some which are true, some which we don't know. They had the urge to fill in the spaces overtime so the world don't ask about misconception but knowing how they knew it made them ask questions of certainty. To some people, is No information over Wrong information and that made them question it all,"It wasn't filmed so therefore wasn't seen". Just like a baby born dead, you can only assume what he could have become. It is a mass solution to keep acquiring informations that make sense with no doubt. Real education is a paint of study with the same colour,"What am I suppose to do when the topic is red or blue" no better picture to paint than illusion, just like the choir should sing a song that would acquire audience to have faith. They finally made decision,"Assumption is a victim of illusion that made a decision"

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